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EFINOR group is a combination of 3 business units: Engineering – Manufacturing – and Support, all involved in metal working and design. This organization gives to the group a great opportunity to provide a global service. Our Know-how, turnkey, is due to the consistency of our teams inside EFINOR but also due to the proximity of our workshops and design offices all over France and UK.



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Engineering, Manufacturing and Support.

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Engineering is all about solving problems. EFINOR takes its work to another level:

  • Developing technological gateways between different trades and business sectors to help find solutions for our clients,
  • Ensuring flexibility and reactivity thanks to the perfectly-balanced profiles of our teams (from drafter to experts) who can easily be detached/seconded to our clients’ facilities,
  • Proposing innovative solutions through a critical approach to project work – our companies enable us to provide a custom-built solution meeting the unique needs of each project.


We can provide clients with the following specific or overall engineering services:

Turn-key project management

Contract management / Scheduling / Cost control / Inspection / Supervision / Full-line project architecture / Infrastructure design studies and work management / …

Design and production studies

Mechanics / Metalwork / Structures / Piping / Standard installations / …


Structural / Mechanical / Piping / Seismic / Handling / …

3D Animations

3D pre-calculations / E-learning / Serious Games / Expert tools / …


Preparatory phase projects / Design and inspection of machining tools / Digital control                programming / Methods / CAD-CAM / Processing post processors / Technical Quality / Production follow-up / …

Electrical engineering and I&C

Energy production / High and low voltage distribution / Lighting, heating, tracking / Fire                protection / Weak currents / Lightning protection / Command control and surveillance networks / Instrumentation / Automated equipment, electro-mechanics, specific machines / …

Project references:

Control room for EPR reactors at Flamanville 3 and Taishan

Fitting out auxiliary rooms for the Barracuda submarine

Studies for submarine quayside support facilities

Installation and mechanical equipment studies for dismantling programs

Aeronautical tooling (FAL A350 – Static and fatigue testing)

Job-specific machines – automobile industry (production lines)

Studies on lightning protection for the Areva La Hague nuclear reprocessing site

EFINOR offers its clients high-performance metallurgy work.

We are interested in techniques, materials and their uses:

  • attentive to new needs, new techniques, new machines, we qualify new operating instructions (WPQR 450, WQ 350, etc.),
  • working with most metals and alloys: aluminum, titanium, nickel, lead, silver, gold, copper, iron, cast iron, steel, HLES, stainless steel, Inconel, invar, zircaloy, duplex steels, Uranus steels, …
  • from mechanically-welded 600-ton parts to those weighing just a few grammes requiring micrometric precision, we are always open to new technological challenges. EFINOR possesses the tools and know-how adapted the specific aspects of each project.



Our trades:

  • Sheet metalworking
  • Mechanical welding
  • Piping
  • Machining of complex parts
  • Surface treatments

Project references:

Transport casks for radioactive material (IR 800, LR 144, IR 200)

Vacuum chambers for research purposes

Opening structure and mechanisms for the Ariane rocket hangars

IRWST ponds

Steam line bedplate

Moisture separator-reheater bodies

Glove boxes

Steam generator tilting system

Parts for the aeronautical industry

Welding of hulls and seating for the Barracuda submarines program …

Certain technical fields require consistency as well as assured nuclear and industrial safety, all in respect of specific production constraints.  Thanks to the experience within our companies, we have become specialists in giving support to clients in these high-performance domains:

Maintenance / Testing and Commissioning / Maintaining operational readiness (MOR) /Starting up facilities

Our strong points:

  • the solutions and resources offered by the different trades in our group. We possess the skills that also allow us to implement our recommendations.
  • the experience within our teams, their high level of qualification adapted to the requirements of the different market sectors we work in – the nuclear, naval, aeronautical and petrochemical industries … (civil and military programs)
  • our multi-skilled technicians who are capable of delivering turn-key maintenance services (from intellectual services to functional interventions).



Intellectual services:

  • Drafting procedures for assembly and maintenance, operating instructions
  • Managing maintenance schedules
  • Project management
  • Business and technical strategy oversight

On-site work:

Mechanics / Metalwork / Piping / Valves and vessels / Machining

Project references:

Tubing replacement for Flamanville 2 condensers

Revamping AREVA NC La Hague air cooling system

Fixed-price contract maintenance for the Nuclear Propulsion BNI INBS/PN in Cadarache

Aeronautical maintenance of SNECMA motor brackets

Renovation of TOTAL hydrocarbon storage tanks

Maintenance and test work on the Charles de Gaulle plane carrier and the SSBN submarine Le Terrible (SRA, IMAV)

A desire to exploit the virtues of metal has incited EFINOR to develop new skills. From pre-project studies to on-site support in all our fields of expertise, we take a global approach to projects.

  • Our offer is rich with the inherent culture of different industrial sectors. We open a whole horizon of solutions that are not inherently obvious, even with a perfect knowledge of the market sector.
  • We integrate the chain of values into our work. A single point of contact limits risks and cost, providing the responsiveness and professional dynamism necessary to manage project quality and timelines.
  • Total control means peace of mind for the project leader.




EFINOR has today reached a size that gives it the credibility necessary to create partnerships, not only with its clients but also its service providers, and to fully encompass its role as lead contractor.


Our sectors of activity have one thing in common: the high level of requirements imposed by our clients’ needs.

We have an in-depth knowledge of international standards and out teams are well aware of the evolving nature of the environment in which they work, one of the specific aspects of their trade.

Our specialists draft operating instructions on a daily basis, in respect of regulations and in a consistent manner, supported by close quality control.

Safety culture

We consider that risks related to industrial health and safety (IHS) must be anticipated and we work towards their prevention – a commitment that works to the advantage of our personnel, our partners, our suppliers and our clients.

The Health and Safety department as well as company management all work towards ensuring improvements are made in this domain, not only through employee awareness and training on risk control, but also by sharing experience and measuring our performance in terms of industrial health and safety.

Quality culture

The common factor developed over recent years regarding our organizational and industrial methods as well as competitiveness is that of satisfying the needs of our clients through a continuous improvement approach.

By implementing a quality management approach, we:

  • integrate our clients’ needs,
  • formalize procedures and operating instructions,
  • improve our responsiveness in processing deviations,
  • manage each separate project using a pre-defined strategy,

We improve productivity by making continuous improvement the mainstay of our company strategy.

This approach enables each of us to find our place within the organization and to better understand the consequences of our work.

Quality culture: ISO 9001

Safety culture: CEFRI (French framework to follow work with ionising radiation), Information security and vetting, PCR

Client qualifications: AREVA, EDF, DCNS



EFINOR Limited, an EFINOR Group company
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